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British Columbia Cyanescens ; Potency: This strain is as strong as PE. Very potent, not for beginner but more for the explorer. ; 1. Straight Up Chew And Swallow.

 Buy British Columbia Mushrooms In Victoria


Buy British Columbia Cyanescens Online. British Columbia (BC) has many great places to visit if you love the outdoors. BC also has a fairly mild climate so you can plan a visit at any time of the year. With our high-quality shroom products available at our Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary, you will be sure to enjoy your hike, bike or walk with an even heightened sense of appreciation.


What Is British Columbia Cyanescens


Is an excellent strain if you are looking for an intense visual trip with your friends. Buy it here at  Microdosingworld.Com. British Columbia Cyanescens Mushrooms For Sale In Victoria (Psilocybe Cubensis Amazonian)


The Appearance of British Columbia Cyanescens  Mushrooms

The colour is orange-brown at first, but when drying out it becomes tan-brown or ochre-brown. It readily bruises a greenish blue at the margin and centre of the cap. The whole cap can become a dark blue-brown with age. British Columbia 


Effects Of Buy Psilocybe Cubensis  Mushroom


The high psilocin and psilocybin give the British Columbia  Magic Mushroom its high potency content. These British Columbia  Shrooms affect the serotonin levels, causing a boost in the mood level. Moreover, it affects the thalamus, the sensory part of the brain. It also causes hallucinatory effects to the user, often accompanied by provoked anxiety and reduced alertness. A medium and high dose results in hallucinations, while a low amount causes a change in perception. Generally, a medium dose of British Columbia Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms results in a psychedelic experience. Consuming a high quantity, anything above 2.5 grams, produces intense hallucinations. Therefore, we can confidently say that the british Shrooms are an ideal choice for a huge festival and get-togethers. mushrooms of british columbia

Effects Of Buy  British Columbia  Medical Uses


Apart from the transcendent experience that psilocybin induces, it can also treat several behavioral and mental disorders. This magic mushroom effectively reduces OCD symptoms and helps people deal with quitting alcohol addiction and smoking. It is also known to reduce the rate of recidivism significantly. These  British Columbia  have the potential of reducing fear conditioning faster. This ability gives a clear indication that it is an excellent treatment for PTSD. However, the right dose helps prevent the user from experiencing adverse effects. where to buy British Columbia  Used in a controlled, supportive and psychotherapeutic environment, Amazonian Magic Mushrooms don’t cause serious side effects on an individual. A high dose of psilocybin causes anxiety due to feelings of lack of control or ego dissolution. The typical mild side effects include extreme fear and paranoia. Resultant effects such as unusual body sensations, dizziness, and increased heart rate or blood pressure accompany the strain. Individuals consuming British Psilocybe Cubensis shrooms should have a sober-minded individual within their proximity. This supervision will help keep everything in order and assist the user in dealing with their situation until they resume reality. Buy the best magic mushrooms online in British Columbia

How to Dose British Columbia  Mushrooms

As we mentioned multiple times, British magic mushrooms are incredibly potent. This strain is packed full of Psilocybin, and you’ll need to tread lightly if you’re a beginner. If you’ve never dosed magic mushrooms before, then here’s a general guideline:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for a heavy dose (spiritual dose)

This chart is made for the average Psilocybe cubensis strain, and we can confidently say that British is anything but average. That’s why you’ll want to start a lower dose than you usually would. Beginners will likely want to stay at around 1 gram for the first time. It’s always better to start low and go slow than to get too overwhelmed. Experienced trippers will likely want to do less than their usual dose just to be on the safe side.



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11 reviews for Buy British Columbia Cyanescens Online

  1. Ana M. Maciejewski

    Variety and I like the step process for the first timer. My favourite was the chocolate but we’ll have to see with the tea my mind may change

  2. Janice R. Johnson

    Felt mellow but nice. Saying goodbye to a loved one choosing end of life. Beautiful opportunity to connect through our dosing together ❤ meaningful conversations.

  3. William J. Sanchez

    Decided to splurge and buy a quarter for my partner and I for Christmas. Normally when we trip we split a half ounce(7g each) of the Big Mex. we split the bag of PE (~3.5g each). We were kind of skeptical after reading some reviews and Especially the price, but oh man was it worth it. Did not expect how hard they were going to hit. If I had to describe it in one word I would use “violent”. Violent, but still a great time! They felt very strong. The first hour was a struggle to get though but once we got past that it was smooth sailing. Now that we know what to expect, we will definitely purchase again in the future. Thanks always for the highest quality shrooms!

  4. Cary C. Williams

    soooo i bought a HQ…ate 3.0 gs……yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..right at the start of my trip, basically the source told me next time i come back, dont eat that much …. literally….also they started to take effect in 15 minutes….dont believe the nay sayers…these are serious mushrooms lol

  5. Sue F. Ash

    Strong onset, almost like it was going to be to much to be comfortable (which is short lived), but then flattens out to a really nice time where you just want to laugh your ass off. Not a lot of visuals but I’ve only been taking 1-1.5grms at a time.

  6. Christine J. Seward

    Interesting kit to try many options when you don’t know where to start, but left me a bit disappointed. The golden teacher mushrooms were not as potent as I expected. I took a bit over 1g and didn’t feel much, but this might also be a me problem. The tea had a strong cinnamon taste which I hate with passion. I had to give it to my partner who didn’t feel anything. I read afterward that too hot water might degrade psilocybin. I feel like there should have been instructions included in the kit to avoid that kind of mistakes, about dosage, tripsitter, etc. especially since this is a first timer’s kit.

  7. Barbara W. Tolbert

    I got really sick from these, it lasted 48 hours. The first time ever experiencing this on shrooms. It was like a massive gut rot for 2 days and my whole body ached. I had a very small dose and I’m too afraid to try a second dose. It was awful

  8. Jade L. White

    Good mellower mushroom they come on strong for a couple hours then mellow out

  9. Mae A. Mullins

    Unsure, still haven’t tried them. Waiting for the right time! Thank you MMD!

    Gave a 5 rating as Im anticipating they will be awesome.

  10. Frances O. Lee

    I did the penis envy with a group of friends it was a great night I have absolutely no complaints I can’t wait to try more kinds from yous

  11. Kasey F. Burgess

    I ordered these “by accident” as I was pressed for time. I took my 1 gram while camping last weekend and it was fantastic! Super fun mushrooms. Once they settle in the euphoria is tops. I will definitely be ordering these, on purpose, again .

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