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The Golden Teacher magic mushroom strain is a psilocybe cubensis, a species of psychedelic mushroom whose main active elements are psilocybin and psilocin .
Origin Psilocybe Cubensis family
Starting Dose Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
Onset Time 45-60 mins
Duration 4-8 hrs


Hp, Oz, P, QP

11 reviews for Buy Golden Teacher Online

  1. Matt K. Ferron

    They are very spiritual!

  2. Mary E. Christiansen

    Decent looking mushrooms, it was nice how they are packaged to protect and for the most part arrive in this condition. The dispensary takes care in handling and packaging. Nice trips as well.

  3. John L. Aziz

    Great product. Experience as described which I found helpful

  4. Lucy C. Weinstein

    I’ve got 7g of those and split them into two doses that weren’t exactly equal (I don’t have a scale to measure). My very first time was absolutely amazing, very spiritual and introspective. Made me see life through a different perspective. The second dose was also very pleasant, just a little less spiritual as the first.

    I do must say though that I got strong headaches for about 24h after taking those. Maybe the dosage was too strong for a first and second time taking them… As a newbie I didn’t know someone could get a hangover by taking mushrooms, but apparently I do.

  5. Karen J. Roundtree

    Potency as described. Great starting product for first timers. I will order this product again.

  6. Joshua L. Teague

    I love how grounding this strand is. It can give such profound introspective perception of self. A great starting place for plant medicine.

  7. James E. Brousseau

    I’m new to this, starting off slowly. Microdosing to help me with some issues. So far so good. The product came as described. I would definitely recommend this dispensary.

  8. Timothy K. Vangundy

    Good packaging. Haven’t try it yet

  9. Eugene D. Devane

    I purchased 7 grams of Golden Teachers mushrooms. I have a very low tolerance to drugs and I ate 5 grams and made tea out of the rest and I didn’t even get a buzz. For the amount I f money I spent I thought I would have gotten high a couple times. I am really disappointed.
    I feel that you should send me a replacement to encourage me to continue to be your customer. I have told friends about your site when I first ordered but at the moment I would not recommend it.

  10. Carlos R. Good

    They come in quality packaging and they made for an awesome few trips! Would definitely recommend!

  11. Pamela G. Murguia

    This is my second order and yet again, absolutely no complaints. Great quality and weight is accurate ber bag. Another order is soon due… can’t beat the original Golden Teachers!

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