Buy Peyotes Cactus 5-7 cm Online


Peyotes need only a few drops water every two to three weeks. In the winter time (december to februari) they need no water at all and no artificial light either. They will not grow in this period anyway.

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Buy Peyotes Cactus 5-7 cm Online

Buy Peyotes Cactus 5-7 cm Online. Peyotes grow in the southern part in Northern America. Mostly around the Mexican/US border in the dry desert. Peyotes grow rather slow in the wild, and will start to contain enough mescaline when they are around 17 years old.

Picking the Peyote button in the wild is prohibited. Peyotes are endangered and should be left standing. It is rather easy to grow peyote yourself, and in the right conditions peyote grow relatively fast.

Taking care of them

Peyote need only a few drops water every two to three weeks. In the winter time (december to februari) they need no water at all and no artificial light either. They will not grow in this period anyway.

Our peyote are available in different sizes and growing in clusters. Peyote is a slow grower. Our peyotes grow around 1 cm in diameter a year.

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How do I use Mescaline Peyote cactus

The peyote buds can be eaten and chewed slowely. This is rather challenging, since the taste of the peyote is awfully bitter. Another idea is to cut them up and blend them with grapefruit juice.

Yet another method is to dry them en grind them to powder. This powder can then be encapsuled with a capsule machine. When having the fresh buttons, it is always difficult to dose it correctly since the active ingredient content differens from cactus to cactus.

Never take all the buttons at the same time. Take the first few cacti and wait 45 minutes at least before taking another. Always remove the white fluff on the cactus before eating or processing them. The fluff is toxic and can iritate the throat.

Of course you cannot consume Peyote cactus immediately upon arrival. The Peyote will have to be processed and dried before it is ready for consumption. Cut the Peyote into small pieces and let it dry well. Once dry grind the pieces into a fine powder. The Peyote is now ready for consumption. The powder can be encapsulated, chewed or swallowed. For a 1 person trip you need about 27 grams (300mg Mescaline) of dried Peyote.

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3-4 cm peyote

Light: 3 – 6  buttons

Common: 6 – 12 buttons

Strong: 8 – 16 buttons

Heavy: 15 + buttons

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The effects

The trip can last somewhere between 5-24 hours. So it is rather important to keep the day and next day free from apointments. The effects can best be enjoyed in nature where the vision is not obscured by obstacles. So the beach or wide fields, plains are the best environments. Unlike mushrooms, the forrest is not the ideal place to have them.

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The effects of the Mescaline Peyote cactus

The effects of this small bulb cannot be called recreational and therefore we recommend only use this cactus in a familiar quiet environment, such as your living room.

We also always recommend inviting a trip sitter if you are planning a wonderful spiritual journey with Mescaline as your vehicle. A trip sitter is a sober person who can assist you during the trip.

Peyote has a strong antibacterial effect and can even kill bacteria that are resistant to penicillins.

The Mescaline in Peyote is very potent hallucinogen and will provide you with lifelike hallucinations and visions during the trip. Mescaline Peyote is definitely not a party or social psychedelic.

The Peyote is a true transformer of body and mind and is mainly intended for spiritual self-development and / or for detecting or remedying illnesses and ailments.

Any side effects of a trip on Mescaline Peyote can include cramps, nausea, vomiting and crying. These symptoms disappear within about an hour when the trip starts.

  • Changes in perception
  • Increase in problem-solving thinking
  • High self-reflection of character, ego
  • Lifelike hallucinations and visions
  • Increase in sensory sensitivity
  • Distortion of objects
  • Manifestation of the light in every person or object visible
  • Changing mood, laughing, crying, sad, happy

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Peyote Mescaline and the brain

Mescaline is a psychedelic alkaloid found in nature. The Mescaline alkaloid is very similar to the body’s neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline). Because of this similarity, the psychedelic chemical compound of Mescaline can bind to serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. This binding process causes the psychedelic and hallucinatory effects. In addition to Mescaline, there are many other substances in the Peyote cactus that play a somewhat smaller but also an active role after ingestion of the Peyote cactus.

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